HORTA’s organised field visits in Cà Bosco farm and La Quercia farm

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Horta conducts experimental trials on Cà Bosco farm, in the North of Italy, and in La Quercia farm in the South of Italy. In both locations, also field trials of the H2020 research project InnoVar (Next generation variety testing for improved cropping on European farmland) are hosted. In spring 2022, Horta organized 6 filed visits to the InnoVar field trials, hosting a total of 185 persons. Persons visiting field trials were university students from UNIBO (which is also partner in the InnoVar project), agronomists, technicians working in companies producing technical inputs for agriculture (fertilisers, seeds, plant protection products), as well as agro-food companies. A brochure, illustrating the trials and including information on the InnoVar project, was distributed to all participants.

During the visit, people received information on the project, its activities and partner, and could appreciate live the differences among varieties tested for the InnoVar project, under the guidance of project partners.

Besides the InnoVar experimentation, in the above mentioned farms Horta carries out field activities functional for the development of its Decision Support Systems and for testing new technical input. The main crops addressed are small grain cereals (durum and bread wheat, barley, oat), legumes, tomato, maize, soy.