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The InnoVar project recently held a highly productive mini-conference in Nyíregyháza, where project partners had the opportunity to visit the field trials at the University of Debrecen Institute for Agricultural Research and Educational Farm, Research Institute of Nyíregyháza. The event provided a platform for partners to present the most recent results and updates of the project, fostering interaction, and facilitating the exchange of experiences and new ideas. 

Additionally, the field trials visit allowed partners to witness the practical implementation of the project’s research and innovation activities. By observing the trials firsthand, partners were able to deepen their understanding of the challenges faced by farmers and the potential benefits that new crop varieties and decision-making tools can bring to the agricultural sector. 

The success of the mini-conference and field trials visit demonstrated the commitment and dedication of the InnoVar project partners to drive positive change in the agricultural sector. By working together and sharing their expertise, the project partners are making significant strides towards achieving the project’s goals and ensuring a more sustainable and resilient future for European agriculture.