InnoVar is presented at Farmer-Expo International in Hungary

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The 30th Farmer-Expo International Agricultural and Food Exhibition was held from 17th to 20th August at Campus of the Agricultural Research Institute and Farm of the University of Debrecen. Farmer Expo is one of the oldest agricultural exhibition is Hungary.

The exhibition hosts animal and machine tool trade shows, conferences and gives places for business meetings. The exhibition is organized in close cooperation with the University of Debrecen.

Every year the Research Institute of Nyíregyháza, IAREF University of Debrecen participates on this event, as an exhibitor. We show the seeds of different plant species and varieties bred by our Research Institute; present our new results of the breeding work, technology development, and other research activities.
This exhibition gives a good opportunity to meet researchers, stakeholders, farmers, teachers (not only from universities, but also from high schools), students, PhD students, representatives of different companies and other members of the Hungarian agricultural sector.

In 2021 communication materials of InnoVar project was exhibited. A lot of visitors were interested in the main aims of the project, the expected results, and we had great discussions about the wheat varieties and the 14 different field experiments; and the project was considered very comprehensive.

With the help of the InnoVar poster, the flyers (printed 250 pcs.), the translated summary of the InnoVar project (short version, 150 pcs.; longer version 50 pcs.) we could illustrate and present the project’s aims and the tasks of our Research Institute.