InnoVar Mini-Conference 2024: Pioneering Advances in Agricultural Innovation

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The InnoVar Mini-Conference 2024, held on May 16-17 at the Musholm Centre in Korsør, Denmark, gathered experts and stakeholders to discuss and advance key developments in agricultural innovation. Over two days, participants engaged in a series of presentations and collaborative sessions that highlighted the progress and future direction of the InnoVar project.

Day 1: Advancements and Deliverables

The conference began with a welcoming breakfast, setting the stage for a day filled with insightful discussions and presentations. Lisa Black chaired the initial session, addressing comments from the annual meetings. This was followed by a series of presentations on significant deliverables of InnoVar project.

Day 2: Site Visit and Final Preparations

The second day started with breakfast, followed by a visit to the TystofteFoundation, where participants had the chance to see firsthand the implementation of InnoVar’s innovative practices. The visit included a transport session back to Musholm, where final preparations for the conference were made under Dina’s guidance.

After a closing lunch at Musholm, the mini-conference officially concluded, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with new insights to drive forward agricultural innovation.

The InnoVar Mini-Conference 2024 exemplified the collaborative spirit and cutting-edge advancements that define the project, reinforcing its commitment to revolutionizing agricultural practices for a more sustainable future.

Watch below some photos of the mini-conference: