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The InnoVar project recently held a highly productive mini-conference in Nyíregyháza, where project partners had the opportunity to visit the field trials at the University of Debrecen Institute for Agricultural Research and Educational Farm, Research Institute of Nyíregyháza. The event provided a platform for partners to present the most recent results and updates of the project, fostering interaction, and facilitating the exchange of experiences and new ideas. 

During the conference, participants were able to gain firsthand insights into the ongoing field trials conducted by the University of Debrecen. The field trials are a vital component of the InnoVar project, as they provide valuable data and observations on the performance of different crop varieties under various environmental conditions. 

Partners enthusiastically shared their experiences and knowledge with one another, contributing to a vibrant and collaborative atmosphere. The mini-conference served as a platform for fruitful discussions on the project’s progress, challenges encountered, and innovative approaches being developed. This exchange of ideas and information is essential for the project’s success and the advancement of agricultural practices.