InnoVar trial planning

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Trials have been planned in 18 locations across 11 countries, covering core VCU, drought, organic, durum, and DUS trials. These trial locations have been divided into 5 agro-climatic zones (ACZs): Continental, Pannonian, Mediterranean, Maritime South, and Maritime North.

We are delighted to be partnering with Agroscope in Switzerland who are members of the INVITE consortium. Agroscope will be operating one of our Maritime-North core VCU trials.

Standardised VCU protocols have been defined, based on protocols collected from each of the partner countries. The DUS protocol is defined by the CPVO and will not deviate from this significantly.

Over 250 bread wheat varieties, and over 250 durum wheat varieties have been selected by the trial managers to be grown in these trials. Distribution of seed is currently underway for sowing autumn 2020.

Locations of all the trials to be conducted over the three years (organic trials will be 2 years only).