Update on InnoVar’s Genomics

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The individual ancestry was estimated from single nucleotide polymorphism molecular markers (SNP) to detect the shared allele frequencies in the number of underlying populations for bread wheat. The optimal number of populations (cluster) was estimated, based on the agro-climate zones (ACZ) classification and our previous knowledge of the germplasm. The proportion of the allele frequencies between bread wheat lines reveals the diversity of lines from each ACZ. From the picture is it possible to highlight the ACZ Maritime South as the most diverse population and the differences between shared alleles for the control bread wheat lines (checks) used in the field experiments. For all remaining ACZ, there is a predominant group of alleles present in the bread wheat lines.

The Genomic Relationship Matrix (GRM) between bread wheat lines was obtained from the SNP matrix. The relationship between wheat lines belonging to each ACZ is represented in the figure, where unrelated lines are represented by dark colors (blue) and light-colored indicate an increasingly greater relationship (yellow).

Humberto Fanelli,  Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas,  UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)